Day 51 : Work 51. Back to habit

My days between 22nd of June and 23rd of August have gone missing. It was the day I got phone call from Korea to let me know my mother fell over and broke her hip bone. It was the day I went to Korea by myself away from my 7-year-daughter and husband in Australia. It was the day I went to see her at the hospital after her surgery. It was the day she fast built up a big very bad bedsore at her back. It was the day I cried a lot. It was the day I cried thinking I would never see my daughter’s face ever again as I have to deal with all these problems which should not be mine directly. It was the day I had to confront the person who has been looking after all the shit in the family all by myself. It was the day that I realised there would be no help provided at all going through all this THINGS!!!!! It was the day full of too much confrontation, hatred, anger, sadness, disappointment- I definitely thought it was too much to be done under the name of FAMILY but I did it as I had to so that it caused severe damage to my spirit.

It will take time but I need to live for many many reasons and as you can imagine one of the reasons is to finish this project of mine- “Craft Habit: Project 100/100”

sets of earrings1-day 51.jpg
yellow drop with silver stud-day51.jpg

I will create the cure for myself by making things, writing about them and reading wisdom. After all I need to survive and that’s all I know.

그러나 이 아픈 마음을 어찌할꼬? What can I do with this wounded heart?

One method I can suggest to cure my wounded heart is to accomplish perfect structure using the parts I have already made everyday. I can call it creation therapy or just art therapy done by the artist herself.