Day 58 : Work 58. Call black white, and vice versa

It was only a couple of days before I was off to Sydney last week. This earring is part of the upcoming Christmas show,. “About face” at Courtesy of the artist in Sydney. I was planning to deliver them when I am there and I actually did.

When your time is limited and pressure is on it is the right time not to think too much and too complicated to realise but just stick to the one which has occurred to you in the first place. The inspiration is from the one I made last year, which was black background and white hexagons.

Black mild steel with white hexagon

Black mild steel with white hexagon

White silver with black mildsteel hexagon.

White silver with black mildsteel hexagon.

I could tell there has been improvement in design, balance, and function. Initially I was trying to set some black diamonds on the white square lines but obviously I was totally running out of time. However, I am working on this gold and diamonds for Christmas stock. Stay tuned!

Here is a good website I have found for deadline pressure on your art business and some scheduling tip(software). to share. Good to read but we know we all have our own way to deal with whether it is working or not.

Day 57 : Work 57. I hate these earrings

It was part of the collection of work I am planning to take to Sydney for the show “About face” with me next week. They are the last work I made at Northcity4 , my old studio. I rustle up making as I was not so sure about the new environment where I can use my noisy machines-sandblaster, vacume cleaner and air compressor. Anyway the new studio where I could use the machines is fine and I feel confident to use them without worrying so much about others in that big warehouse.

I loved the design so I stretched a little bit more from my usual production.

day 57-1.jpg
Day 57 worn.jpg

I can say it is full of drama earrings.

The problem started when I found the gap at one of the earrings between silver rim and perforated sheet and tried to fix it. The lesson for this similar situation in the future, really seriously, I should remake it rather than fix it spending a whole working day at the studio. In the end I successfully remake one of the earrings from the pair, which only took 2 hours.

one earring with gap.jpg
3 earings.jpg
so 2 are done almost.jpg

After that I experienced more problem to make 2 same structures of silver part, which I felt like I am a total idiot who doesn’t know any silversmithing at all. Struggling for about 4~5 hours I thought I finished the final construction..

But When I tried to finish the final cleaning up and polishing them I figured out the silver part was soldered back to front- God! What a drama!

However, that was how I could find the silver part is not quite weight balanced design and in the end I was happy to change the triangle part into a bit more like trapezoids.

extreme geometry2.jpg
extreme geometry3-finals.jpg

Day 56 : Work 56. Half done

As a form maker, I have many forms and structures half done. These are the examples of half done- dangling part of new earrings and the other part of stud will come along soon before I go to Sydney next week. Trying to get ready for the annual Christmas show, “About face” at Courtesy of the artist gallery in Sydney. As I have been moving out of Northcity4 and into a new studio called “Mycelium studio” I would like to finish these mildsteel structures, which I should definitely use noisy sandblaster and air compressor, as quick as possible during my stay at Northcity4. So sad to finish my time at Northcity4 I was grateful that I still have ideas and creativity to continue my practice even in this time of stress, nervousness and anxiety. Could you read those from my works below? Luckily I can’t so I can be a little less anxious.

Where all this go? What am I doing here and there? Who am I to create more and more everyday? Why do I need to continue?

mild steel & silver

mild steel & silver

Day56-diamond, cactus dangling2.jpg
Day56-diamond, cactus dangling3.jpg

Day 55 : Work 55. Monochrome

I have started to make one of 5 sets of earrings for the show, ‘About Face 2019’- The Monochrome Series at Courtesy of the Artist in November. I will make 5 heated-black mild steel with bleached silver earrings.

Trying to coming down and settling in from last 3 months’ drastic wandering to back at the bench this was a good first step to make. My spirit is ok and tools are fine but took long time to get this far.

A couple of idea sketches with finished form to be.

A couple of idea sketches with finished form to be.

Day55- monochrome2.jpg
Day55- monochrome3.jpg

Day 54 : Work 54. out of box

It is about time to take all these guys out of the boxes and start to use them to make something nice and wearable. Bring them back to lives!

I have been making these little bits of shapes or forms powder coated, just sandblasted, heat coloured and enamelled for around 3 years. There has not been any concrete plan or expectation for finished forms of all these parts but I have strong urge to complete those structures into some meaningful, beautiful and wonderful wearable pieces instead of making and piling them up, which gives a lot of pressure on me.

“Boxes of colours” powdercoated, sandblasted, heat coloured and enamelled mildsteel.

“Boxes of colours” powdercoated, sandblasted, heat coloured and enamelled mildsteel.

So that I can guide my project to a certain direction. It won’t be easy to give all these structure lives one by one everyday but I would love to see what I can do with these for the last 50 days left.

out of box2.jpg
out of box1.jpg
out of box3.jpg

Day 53 : Work 53. Yellow droplet

Another earrings have been finished.

The shape of droplet with yellow powder coated perforated mild steel was one of the new form I have developed and I think there are many ways I can develop for this up coming Christmas season.

What is going to happen next year?

2020 crisis? We all know that? How can I cope with the worse? How can I prepare for it?

Making yellow droplet and watching it with joy is one thing and worrying about something which hasn’t come yet is another. Just Relax and enjoy this new creation for now.

day53 yellow drops with silver stud2.jpg
day53 yellow drops with silver stud3.jpg
Some sketches for new earrings and pendants.

Some sketches for new earrings and pendants.

Day 52 : Work 52. I can forget how sad I have been.

This earring is a very recent custom order through egetal . I like to respond to the client’s suggestion for the piece they would like to wear inspired by my work.

I started to make these before I had gone for my mum’s funeral. After I came back from Korea and back to my bench at the studio I remembered where I was so that I could finish them.

Following my suggestion by powdercoating both parts of the earrings the consistency of matt dark black looks better than I expected.

This is happiness of making where I can see the physical body of work at the end of the day. I can forget about how sad I have been from my loss for that moment. my eternal loss…

mild steel and silver powder coated.

mild steel and silver powder coated.

day 52 new custom earrings2.jpg

Days of mourning

(from 28th of August to 17th of September)

My mourning has not been finished and it will never be.

How can I commemorate her life?

How can I express my deepest gratitude towards her?

How can I express my loss?

Her traditional garland for the funeral

Her traditional garland for the funeral

A beautiful tribute.

A beautiful tribute.

It feels so awkwardly strange and empty to be left in the world without her.

I have been trying to think of her life rather than feeling sorry to myself.

I can feel her pride for the numerous achievements in her life as a biologist before I was born. I can feel her struggle, worries and passion to go through all the years of drastic change in Korean history. I can feel her enlarged and unconditional love only towards me in her life under a big family she got with marriage. I can feel her sadness and loneliness to say good bye to me who moved to Australia with over 8000 km distance. I can feel her sympathy and atonement so that in the end gratitude towards the one who has looked after her.

I can feel all of them because I am her one and only daughter.

Below is the first brooch I made and gave to her almost 20 years ago.

Brooch(2000) copper, ivory, steel, silver

Brooch(2000) copper, ivory, steel, silver

어머니의 극락왕생을 기원합니다. 당신의 키워주신 은혜는 하해와 같습니다. “다음 생에는 중생의 삶이 아니라 세상에 빛이 되는 보살의 삶으로 다시 오소서.” I pray for mum that she will live eternally in Paradise. The grace you have raised me is like the river and the ocean. “Please come back as a Bodhisattva who will be the light in the world.”

Day 51 : Work 51. Back to habit

My days between 22nd of June and 23rd of August have gone missing. It was the day I got phone call from Korea to let me know my mother fell over and broke her hip bone. It was the day I went to Korea by myself away from my 7-year-daughter and husband in Australia. It was the day I went to see her at the hospital after her surgery. It was the day she fast built up a big very bad bedsore at her back. It was the day I cried a lot. It was the day I cried thinking I would never see my daughter’s face ever again as I have to deal with all these problems which should not be mine directly. It was the day I had to confront the person who has been looking after all the shit in the family all by myself. It was the day that I realised there would be no help provided at all going through all this THINGS!!!!! It was the day full of too much confrontation, hatred, anger, sadness, disappointment- I definitely thought it was too much to be done under the name of FAMILY but I did it as I had to so that it caused severe damage to my spirit.

It will take time but I need to live for many many reasons and as you can imagine one of the reasons is to finish this project of mine- “Craft Habit: Project 100/100”

sets of earrings1-day 51.jpg
yellow drop with silver stud-day51.jpg

I will create the cure for myself by making things, writing about them and reading wisdom. After all I need to survive and that’s all I know.

그러나 이 아픈 마음을 어찌할꼬? What can I do with this wounded heart?

One method I can suggest to cure my wounded heart is to accomplish perfect structure using the parts I have already made everyday. I can call it creation therapy or just art therapy done by the artist herself.

Day 50: Work 50. Dreaming of perfect form

Dreaming of perfect structure is always in me. I made the big body a week ago and have been thinking how I can complete this structure. What colour should be added? Should it be similar structure which will complete the body or should it be totally different to show incongruity? The small part should be part of the function? For example if a brooch is the form finished should the part to be attached carry brooch fittings? Or For another example if a pendant is the finished form should the little part to be attached be chain to be necklace in the end? Am I still enjoying this cleverness on my practice or just perfect form is fine to make everything simple? Then what is a perfect form? What does “perfect” even mean? Will it be physical or just meaning enough?

Anyway this form hasn’t finished yet.

day50 square brooch 2 parts.jpg
grid square brooch with hand.jpg
day 50 square grid brooch.jpg