Day 50: Work 50. Dreaming of perfect form

Dreaming of perfect structure is always in me. I made the big body a week ago and have been thinking how I can complete this structure. What colour should be added? Should it be similar structure which will complete the body or should it be totally different to show incongruity? The small part should be part of the function? For example if a brooch is the form finished should the part to be attached carry brooch fittings? Or For another example if a pendant is the finished form should the little part to be attached be chain to be necklace in the end? Am I still enjoying this cleverness on my practice or just perfect form is fine to make everything simple? Then what is a perfect form? What does “perfect” even mean? Will it be physical or just meaning enough?

Anyway this form hasn’t finished yet.

day50 square brooch 2 parts.jpg
grid square brooch with hand.jpg
day 50 square grid brooch.jpg