Day 46 : Work 46. The process and twigs for the balls

Ball earrings again. Today I am preparing for yellow.


1) Prepare perforated mild steel sheet. 2)cut discs in 2.1cm diameters. 3)Use dapping block with punch to make half sphere. 4) solder together 2 half spheres to make a ball 5)solder silver wire for earring hook 6)clean the ball earrings with sandblaster 7)Powdercoating 8)clean the hooks and finish the shape for earrings.

Mildsteel-can be replaced with other materials such as silver, copper… Perforated-can be different size…. Disc shape- square or cylinder…. Diameter-can be bigger or smaller…. Dapping block-I can use different-shape one like cylinder…. Solder 2 discs- in different way to make something other than ball…. Hooks-they can be hoops as well….. Sandblaster-always a good mate….. Powdercoating-one day I will definitely make enamelling work for my perforation…..

These variations can be a big idea for next day of work.

ball earrings barbecued

ball earrings barbecued

day47 ball earrings on my hand.jpg
yellow ball earrings.jpg