Day 29 : Work 29. Grid

This grid patterned Mildsteel sheet was one of the offcuts I got from my supplies. They have a couple of big drawers of cabinets at the reception, which were full of all different patterns of perforation steel and aluminium offcuts sheet to be given. This grid pattern caught my eye. Since 2005 I have used this pattern but not as often as I used round perforated sheet to my work.

In graphic design a grid symbolises efficiency as designers can add and remove the elements to a layout so easily. Also we are all very familiar with Piet Mondrian’s Composition Grid series and I love them as well.

In my grid brooch I have stretched this grid into 3 dimensional structure. Using the pattern again I was trying to put “emptiness” in the structure. Pink grid was added very 2 dimensional way though

holding grid with black and pink.jpg
holding grid with black and pink2.jpg
grid with black and pink .jpg
Mild steel & silver.

Mild steel & silver.