Day 16 : Work 16. Classic

Find the word Classic! It means something that's very high quality, particularly if it has lasting value. ... Classic also means excellent, of recognized authority, or definitive.

I have made this perforated mild steel cup with silver rim earrings since 2010. It has been almost 10 years and they are still one of my best sellers. They have been black, blue, red and green. How many have I made those earrings with my big rough thick finger hands? I think it is more than 500 pairs. It is a little bit awkward to call my work classic but at this point and moment of my life I really need something affirmative, positive and encouraging.

This is my power. This, going back to studio and working on the pieces myself and people say they are Jin Ah Jo’s classic is my power. To me they are much more beautiful and valuable than a diamond.

Many cups with rim on my hand

Many cups with rim on my hand

classic cup with rim earrings.jpg
2 black cup with rim earrings.jpg