New project 100/100- Day1: Work1. Cactus pendant

I have been considering how my practice should go from now. At the moment I don’t have any up coming shows I am committed and any huge amount of orders I have to keep up with. In this scary and relatively depressing situation what can I do as an artist or a jeweller or better than all that as a maker?

Leaving the idea of the greatest artists of all and just going back to remind the idea why I would like to go back to the studio every day from the day one I have started this career, I have decided to give me the most diligent but quite exciting looking project to me.

If this is the capacity of mine I won’t reconsider it but just go for it. For a while it should be just me and me but I do hope I can communicate with other people (you) in the world with this real me and my original work some day soon.

I will make one wearable object per day at the studio for 100 working days until the end of July.

The works can utilise all sorts of materials but as a lover of mild steel I will use this as my main. Also putting the idea of creating unknown structures and forms I will practice mindfulness during the process as a Buddhist.

After 100 wearable objects I do hope I am able to see what matters to my work and practice.

However, trying to show honesty and integrity on the project the images uploaded for this project are only finished form of structures. After fulfilling 100 structures/forms made I will upload the images of completed form of them as wearable objects one by one to show how they all look in the end. From that point I can share the insight of one significant process- finishing which takes as much energy and time as planning and making forms. Exciting!!

The New Project 100/100 (26/02/2019~31/07/2019)

Day 1 : Work 1. Cactus pendant (Tuesday 26/02/2019)

mild steel, silver, the image is blackened and sandblasted mild steel . colour has not been decided.

cactus seperated before pc.jpg
cactus seperated 2 before pc.jpg
cactus together before pc.jpg