Day 57 : Work 57. I hate these earrings

It was part of the collection of work I am planning to take to Sydney for the show “About face” with me next week. They are the last work I made at Northcity4 , my old studio. I rustle up making as I was not so sure about the new environment where I can use my noisy machines-sandblaster, vacume cleaner and air compressor. Anyway the new studio where I could use the machines is fine and I feel confident to use them without worrying so much about others in that big warehouse.

I loved the design so I stretched a little bit more from my usual production.

day 57-1.jpg
Day 57 worn.jpg

I can say it is full of drama earrings.

The problem started when I found the gap at one of the earrings between silver rim and perforated sheet and tried to fix it. The lesson for this similar situation in the future, really seriously, I should remake it rather than fix it spending a whole working day at the studio. In the end I successfully remake one of the earrings from the pair, which only took 2 hours.

one earring with gap.jpg
3 earings.jpg
so 2 are done almost.jpg

After that I experienced more problem to make 2 same structures of silver part, which I felt like I am a total idiot who doesn’t know any silversmithing at all. Struggling for about 4~5 hours I thought I finished the final construction..

But When I tried to finish the final cleaning up and polishing them I figured out the silver part was soldered back to front- God! What a drama!

However, that was how I could find the silver part is not quite weight balanced design and in the end I was happy to change the triangle part into a bit more like trapezoids.

extreme geometry2.jpg
extreme geometry3-finals.jpg